Suppliers and Placing an Advertisement


Placing an Advertisement

Yes, we carry advertising. Advertising helps all of us. First, our readers always know where to find the cultivation materials they need. They also hear of new opportunities that may benefit their businesses. Second, advertising revenue helps keep the newsletter a great bargain and lets us do more and better things for you! Above you will find links to our regular advertisers. Among the ads, you will find several illustrative photos and lots of great contacts for your business. It is very important that, when you contact these advertisers, you tell them that you found out about them on the world-wide-web from The Mushroom Growers' Newsletter. Advertisers that get the exposure they need will continue to support the newsletter and help keep your cost low.

All advertising and payment must be in our hands by the first of the month preceding the issue month to insure space. That is, by the first of December to get into the January issue. For best results with photographs, send us an original photo. You may also send the files you want us to use in Photoshop, EPS, PDF, or TIFF (preferred) format. If you supply your ad in color, it will appear in color on our website (full-year placements only) and in the electronic version of the newsletter. Information for ad designers: the newsletter layout is done in QuarkXPpress and printed on an HP 5200 laser printer at 1200 dots per inch and the default screen. If you wish to supply a hard copy advertisement, please provide the best quality positive print you can and we will scan it into our system.


When you purchase ad space for a full year we include your ad here, on our website, for no extra cost. You may update your ad at any time during the year at no extra cost.

If you have a mushroom farm, please send us the address of your website and we will include it on our Mushroom Farms on the WWW page at no cost. The list there is getting quite long, so if you'd like to highlight your farm, we have made space for your advertisement on that page. Contact us for the details.

Thank you for your interest in The Mushroom Growers' Newsletter.