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We have reviewed all of these mushroom-related books over the years. Some of these reviews were printed in the Newsletter. Here, we provide links to our reviews as well as links to places where you may be able to purchase these books. In some cases they are out of print and no longer available. In each case, we've include a link to the last known location where the book could be purchased. We do not stock any of these books and cannot sell them to you directly. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases you make by clicking the "Purchase This Book" links below.

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There are about 25 field guides in print that detail North American mushrooms. Fortunately there are only a few that are really good and helpful. You can't go wrong if you choose from this list:

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Blue Dot Search for ANY Book, Recording or Other Item has many additional books on mushroom topics. We have only listed those we have reviewed. Use the search box below to find other mushroom books as well as other books, recordings and lots of other stuff. As an Amazon Associate we earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases. Use this page as your link to Amazon's huge catalog and help support The Mushroom Growers' Newsletter.

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